• Art Direction
• Environmental design
• Merchandising
• This trade show booth's debut at Outdoor Retailer in 2010 was awarded Best in Show.

In collaboration with Dan Zimmerman, we designed the graphic overlay for Keen's new trade show booth debut at Outdoor Retailer in summer of 2010. Building on the brand's strategy in it's product focus and marketing to be as sustainable as possible, the booth was created out of used industrial wood palettes, and made ample use of reclaimed materials throughout; 87% of the booth either used recycled materials, or was recyclable after use.

In addition to designing the graphics, I designed a customizable slatwall retail solution for each meeting room. We sourced custom furniture, and provided a merchandising plan to show the entire footwear line in each room.

Using the brand library of illustrations and photography, we collaborated with a sign painter to paint the graphics directly on the walls and framed the photos with windows reclaimed from old Portland homes.

Environmental graphics were used to create display spaces for the different footwear collections throughout the booth. A design language of street signs, and using reclaimed street signs and license plates gave a playful, diy feel.

The brand's vector graphics were hand-painted directly on the walls, integrating the window frames into the structure itself. The logo was placed strategically so as not to overwhelm the viewer and seemed an organic extension of the aesthetic.

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