• Brand design concept
• Art direction
• Illustration & pattern design
• UX/UI direction
• Installation management with custom hand-drawn graphics
• Winner of the Retail Design Institute Store of the Year 2013 and the Hub Cup 2013

Umpqua Bank's flagship location, in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, was the brand's first foray into the city.

One of the goals of the store design was to bring Umpqua's focus on being a useful member of the community right onto the sidewalk for all passers-by to use. This storefront became a bright glittering jewel, in an urban canyon of brick and steel. 

I incorporated themes around currency and modern commerce, as well as giving a nod to the city itself. I incorporated a pattern of copper dots, reminiscent of pennies, as well as a graphic of hills and fog that run throughout the windows and glass walls.

Umpqua's classic "legend mural" was broken into a grid of dimensional circles, which were installed over a pencil-sketched mural. I spent eight hours on this drawing and it was awesome.

The space holds bike parking with a custom map of San Francisco, and a spot to refresh with a cup of coffee, one of Umpqua's signature perks.

Incorporating a wall of touchscreens, the visual brand direction defined in the environmental graphics were incorporated into the digital experience & interfaces.

The space plan brings the brand across lots of open space, computer access, and space to take a moment to pause.

The semi-private rooms provide space to host a business meeting, whether you're a customer or not.

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