Two years working in-house as a senior Story designer in Nike's Global Stores Design team.
• Designed strategy & product storytelling hierarchy in retail essential zones, bringing in icons and product details to give greater understanding of Nike performance footwear and apparel.
• Designed a strategic framework to highlight Nike's "Move To Zero" commitment throughout the retail journey. 
• Revamped global signage standards to reflect a more legible, educational and friendly style.
• Opened mock shops on the Nike campus to help cross-functional teams visualize upcoming and seasonal changes to the retail concepts.
• Keynote decks. Became sort of a wizard at Keynote.
• Redesigned the retail brand standards for Nike's women's -led concept, from concept development, visual center, and final toolkit decks.
None of this work, of course, can be shown on my public portfolio. Contact me to set up a time to talk.
Thank you!
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