• Creative Direction
• Layout design
• Print production
• Icon design
• Applied a cohesive photography style to bring various assets together visually

This small liberal arts college in McMinnville, Oregon, produces a vast array of printed collateral to entice teenagers to choose Linfield. I was able to take an existing look & feel, and evolve it for the 2017-18 materials, incorporating layers of cream on white for depth, and overlaying bold washes of the college's signature red.

Viewbook cover, highlighting the visual size comparison of Linfield's campaign slogan "small is the new big". By juxtaposing the tiny tree illustration with the oversized leaves, we let people know right away that Linfield had a different way of looking at the world.

I sketched pattern details over photos and color fields in white pencil markings, and brought a warm, rich photographic editing technique.

Each piece incorporates different simple production techniques, from a blind emboss on the Welcome and Financial Aid folders, to transparent paper, to shy sheets revealing a little "a-ha" moment. All together, it paints a picture of this welcoming little college in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

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