• Illustration
• Website assets​​​​​​​
• Environmental design
• Oversaw graphics installation & managed relationship with vendor
• Print asset layouts

The Zoom+Care brand had developed a series of illustrated characters, in collaboration with Christopher David Ryan, to use throughout the marketing materials. When it came to developing a kids' brand within the brand, we wanted these characters to have a deeper story. I designed a simple, graphic "land" for them to inhabit, that helped signal a distinct experience across digital and in the Zoom+Kids environment.

This next-generation pediatrician's office reflects the Zoom+Care primary care philosophy that total health incorporates healthy food, movement and relationships. The visual language is based on a concept & strategy about creating a "Blue Zone" where people live long, fulfilling lives.

I designed the look and feel of the entire space, from the all-blue kitchen, to illustrating a background "land" for the brand's central characters.

A suite of print materials helped staff clearly explain developmental milestones for parents, and the office visit was built around meeting the needs of even the tiniest patients.

Clearly announcing the intention of the office to the outside world, and how to make an appointment simply through the app, was one of the brand's core tenets.

Building on the character illustrations drawn by Christopher David Ryan, I added a simple, geometric "land" behind these line drawings to give some movement and add some element of craft to what could otherwise be a sterile medical environment.

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