• Evolved this packaged goods brand into a consumer-focused lifestyle brand
• Designed & produced packaging through production mechanicals
• Concepted & art directed photography library
• Redesigned e-commerce website
• Shot photos in-house for the brand's Instagram
• Designed custom icons and patterns
• Led a team of designers, and collaborated with copywriters, web developers, and marketing, social media and e-comm teams
Pairing a bright, positive photographic style with bold typography, I kept the design language quick and efficient, in order to meet aggressive deadlines and build a stable foundation for this rapidly expanding brand. 
I worked with the internal web development team to redesign a website that focused on e-commerce, and incorporated space for lifestyle-focused stories.
Designed packaging and point of sale retail solutions, working closely with print vendors to produce packaging that is high-quality, projecting a brand worth the investment.

I designed an icon language that showed the different effects of the products, with a visual icon for an abstract concept. Patterns were designed for the packaging, helping to add some layers and depth that showed what fruit each product would taste like.

I art directed studio and lifestyle photoshoots to help bridge the gap between the product and everyday life, showing how consumers integrate CBD into their wellness routines.

Building on the color inspiration from my Hello_Spectrum Instagram, the studio photography focused on bringing color and playfulness to the social media grid.

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